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Provocative Ad Featuring Statue of Liberty Giving Nazi Salute Touches a Nerve

Some have called out the ad as representing “what American politics have become.”


Rabbinical Court Uncovers Jewish Polygamous Sect

An Israeli rabbinical court has discovered a Jewish polygamous cult operating in Tel Aviv, according to a report by the Israeli news website Arutz Sheva.

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Want To Spice Things Up On Twitter? Follow These 8 Jews Immediately

‘Tis the season to start following hilarious, insightful and delightfully snarky people on Twitter.


Rachel Kushner Wrote About Jerusalem Refugee Camp For NYT Mag — Here’s What Happened Behind the Scenes

Kushner went to Shuafat with little knowledge of Israel or the occupied territories. She left with intimate knowledge of the region’s violence.

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Complaint Filed After Dutch Party’s Muslim Founders Say Hitler Was Jewish

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A Dutch anti-discrimination group complained to police over a political party whose Muslim founders said Adolf Hitler was Jewish and that homo...

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State Department: Outpost Bill “Profoundly Damaging” to Peace Prospects

(JTA) — The U.S. State Department said it was “profoundly concerned” about a controversial bill that would help legalize West Bank outposts built on Palestinian...

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Maryland Lt. Gov.’s Response to Hate Crime Wave Upsets Some

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Maryland’s lieutenant governor is raising hackles for saying he was glad haters are coming out into the open, referring to a question he fiel...


Is Alexander Portnoy White?

If whiteness is an easy, carefree, oblivious relationship to race, then it’s awfully difficult to classify Alexander Portnoy as white.


Military Service Is What Makes Israeli Men Modern-Day Methusalehs: Study

An Israeli researcher has a surprising theory as to why Israeli men live so long: military service.

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ANALYSIS: Benjamin Netanyahu Rolls the Dice With Push To ‘Legalize’ Illegal Settlements

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s support for a bill that would legalize Israeli settlement homes on private Palestinian land in the West Bank is seen in Isra...

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Germany Bluntly Urges Israel To Drop ‘Illegal’ Settlement Land Grab Bill

Germany urged Israel in unusually strong language on Wednesday to scrap legislation that would legalize Israeli settlement homes built on private Palestinian la...

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Economics Nobel Winner Oliver Hart Says ‘Meh’ to Donald Trump Budget Plan

President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to increase spending on infrastructure while cutting taxes would endanger public finances, Economics Nobel laureate Oliver ...