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WATCH: That Time Ben Shapiro Called Transgender People Delusional

“Why are we mainstreaming delusion?” Shapiro asked on a segment about ESPN’s decision to give an award to Caitlyn Jenner after she came out as transgender.

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5 Movies to Watch For Kirk Douglas’ 100th Birthday — According to Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas turns 100 on Friday, and we’re celebrating with five of his greatest performances — courtesy of the film legend himself.


Hasidic Leaders Who Backed Clinton Now Claim They Were With Trump All Along

Hasidic leaders in New Square backed Clinton. But now they’re saying they were with Trump all along.

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Chief Rabbis Promise Conversion Standards — Vow To Count Ivanka Trump as Jewish

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Chief Rabbinate committed to creating standards for recognizing which Diaspora rabbis it trusts to handle Jewish conversions. The Ash...


How Does A Jew Follow Texas’s New Abortion Law?

In light of Texas’ new abortion law, we examine Jewish rulings on abortion and fetus burial


Martin Amis Announces New ‘Autobiographical Novel’ Featuring Saul Bellow & Christopher Hitchens

Martin Amis announced that he is working on an “autobiographical novel” that will feature Saul Bellow, Christopher Hitchens, and Phillip Larkin.


Speechless Rabbi Admits Losing Argument Over Racism and Israel to White Supremacist Richard Spencer

“I wasn’t on the high school debate team,” Rosenberg said to the Forward. “I really didn’t want to get into it. That might have been the wrong decision, but I’l...

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NeverTrump? That’s So October as Billionaire Paul Singer Backs the Donald

Paul Singer, the billionaire Jewish donor who led Republican opposition to Donald Trump, has reportedly flip-flopped and made a substantial donation to the incoming president’s inaugural committee.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Nixes Paris Meeting With Mahmoud Abbas — Despite ‘Anytime Anywhere’ Vow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that he had told French President Francois Hollande that he would not meet Palestinian leader Mahmou...


On Cult German Show, Real Rabbi Officiates TV Bar Mitzvah

“For me the main thing was that I was not playing a corpse!,” Rabbi Walter Rothschild said.


Hashtag Protests Against IDF Sexual Assault Case Inspire Backlash

Israeli feminist bloggers address the sense of entitlement (male) IDF soldiers have to women’s bodies.

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Holocaust Survivor Who Fought Off Mugger Says ‘Ill’ Attacker Needs Treatment — Not Jail

(JTA) — A 91-year-old Holocaust survivor who fought off a purse snatcher said the alleged attacker arrested this week should not go to jail if she is mentally i...