Avital Chizhik

Hadar Offers Orthodox Women a Glossy Magazine of Their Own

Hadar is a new glossy fashion magazine that’s different from the newsstand pack. It’s aimed at Orthodox women, with family and modesty at the top of its priority list.

Forget Tefillin — Orthodox Women Need Empowerment in Daily Lives

The silent majority of Orthodox women today are not preoccupied with fighting for ownership over men’s rituals. They need change in their daily lives, Avital Chizhik writes.

Journalism Calls: Avital Chizhik chases her career while maintaing an Orthodox lifestyle.

Young, Orthodox and Ambitious

Can a young Orthodox woman chase her career dreams while simultaneously staying true to her religious roots? Let’s just say there are plenty of pitfalls.

Evolving Views: Immigrants from the former Soviet Union are known for holding conservative political views. But the next generation is moving closer to the liberal positions of other Jews.

Children of Russian Immigrants Move Left

Russian immigrants have a decidedly more conservative bent than most American Jews. As Soviet memories fade, the next generation is moving to the left of the political spectrum.