Deborah Lipstadt

Torches of Hope: Tens of thousands of Danes gather to protest the Copenhagen terror shootings, and mourn the dead.

7 Axioms of the Copenhagen Terror Attacks

The Copenhagen terror attacks should not have surprised anyone. Deborah Lipstadt offers 7 axioms of the new reality — starting with the fact that it has a name: Muslim extremism.

Erasing Historic Stain at Emory's Dental School

For decades, Emory University’s dental school had a pernicious policy of discrimination against Jews. Now, the school is trying to expose the past and heal the wounds.

How To Study Anti-Semitism

Deborah Lipstadt looks at the closing of Yale’s anti-Semitism institute, and argues for the need to separate scholarship from advocacy in this fraught field.

Two Mass Murderers: Eichmann and bin Laden each ended up at the bottom of the sea, but faced justice in different ways.

Should Bin Laden Have Faced a Judge?

When I heard the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed, I was in the middle of an author’s tour for my recent book on the Eichmann trial. It was impossible not to immediately see the parallels between the fates of these two mass murderers, who both ended up in watery graves: While bin Laden’s body was dumped in the sea, Eichmann’s ashes were strewn over the Mediterranean.