Gavin Rabinowitz

Does Golden Dawn’s Gains in EU Election Signal Failure of Greece’s Crackdown?

The picture of Golden Dawn leaders being led away in shackles by masked policemen last September was supposed to be a defining image: Greek authorities cracking down on the country’s neo-Nazi party as a harbinger of its demise.

Is Greece Really Most Anti-Semitic Nation in Europe?

When the Anti-Defamation League published its global anti-Semitism survey last week, Greece, the cradle of democracy, captured the ignominious title of most anti-Semitic country in Europe.

Tiny Greek Community of Ioannina Struggles To Keep Romaniote Traditions Alive

When the Jews of Ioannina gathered in their whitewashed-stone synagogue over the weekend, it was to commemorate 70 years since the Nazis destroyed their community.