Itzik Gottesman

How to Sing Like a Real Folk Singer

What does an authentic Yiddish singing style sound like? It all depends on the singer’s age — and where they grew up.

Chana Mlotek, Yiddish Folksong Scholar, Dies at 91

Chana Mlotek, an archivist and scholar, reestablished Yiddish folksong research after the Holocaust. She was once called the ‘Sherlock Holmes of Yiddish Song.’

The Titanic in Yiddish Folklore

When the Titanic went down, the entire world not only talked about this event but also sang about the tragedy — the Yiddish speaking-masses included.

Vitka Kempner Kovner, Vilna Partisan, Dies

The legendary Vilna partisan Vitka Kempner Kovner died on February 15. She was credited with carrying out the first act of anti-Nazi resistance in the ghetto.