Jeffry Mallow

On High Alert: A veiled woman passes by a police officer surveying a street near the site of the Copenhagen shooting.

Denmark Wants To Rehabilitate Islamic Radicals — But Is It Failing?

Denmark tries to integrate all members of society — including Muslims. Does the Copenhagen attack prove that the effort to rehabilitate radical Islamists is failing?

Repairing the World Has Torn Us From Our Senses

‘Give me the strength to change the things I can, the courage to accept the things I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.” This mantra has been reproduced ad nauseam on greeting cards and T-shirts, but it nevertheless provides a counterbalance to that other overexposed locution, tikkun olam.

Cartoons of Prophet Spark Boycott by Arabs

Denmark has become, much to its tolerant citizens’ bewilderment, the target of an international Muslim boycott, in protest of what international Muslim groups call Denmark’s “aggressive campaign waged against Islam and its prophet.”“Boycott” actually understates the case. In the past week alone, crowds of angry Muslims in several

Airport Insecurity

Ann is a 64-year-old grandmother with an artificial hip, and a 10-inch scar to prove it. The titanium in her prosthetic sets off metal detectors every time she passes through an airport. Ann presents a card from her physician attesting to the implant. The security officials ignore her card and single her out every time for a “secondary

Europe at a ‘Cross’-roads

Scarcely noticed in this country, the European Union took a giant step forward last month toward the consolidation of Europe as a unitary power, with the approval at a mid-June summit in Brussels of a draft E.U. constitution.The constitution, which still faces the enormous hurdle of ratification by all 25 member states, contains one clause that is