Linda K. Wertheimer

Mitzvah Mistake? Some volunteers see a drawback in annual Mitzvah Day events. Do they discourage folks from giving back all year long?

Are Mitzvah Days An Excuse To Stay Away?

Some synagogues are taking steps to make sure Mitzvah Day volunteers do not treat the one-day event as their only community service commitment each year.

Dynamic Leader Puts Oomph Back in Brandeis

Brandeis president Fred Lawrence has achieved virtual rock star status. He still faces thorny questions about balancing the university’s Jewish heritage with demands for diversity.

A selection from ?Good Eggs? (click to enlarge).
No Torah Talk: Amy Kohen (with daughter Ellie), a Boston-area ?parent-connector? hired by the Jewish Family Network to link otherwise unaffiliated families to the Jewish community, hosts a non-religious meeting of young moms at a local coffee shop.

No Synagogues, Please

It was almost sunset on a Friday in late October. This was a Jewish event, but there was nothing remotely Jewish about it, except the religion of the participants. The handful of families, with children ranging in age from 14 months to 5 years, came to the free class at the invitation of a parent hired by Boston’s Jewish Family Network to connect more families to the Jewish community. The children danced and bounced on trampolines as their parents socialized.

In Shul, Cost Hasn’t Been a Barrier

There had to be a catch — and a price tag. A rabbi left a message on my home answering machine inviting me to join an adult bat mitzvah class. But I was not a member of this rabbi’s suburban Boston synagogue.