Ralph Seliger

Belgium Again: A memorial to Belgian soldiers killed in Kigali, Rwanda, in 1994, 80 years after the first battle of Ypres in World War I.

A Century After World War I, We Don't Put Ourselves on the Line for Beliefs

We remember World War I as the first bloodbath of the modern era. But it was a conflict that combatants embraced and believed in.

An Israeli Filmmaker’s Lebanon Dream

Eran Riklis feels its his duty to make films about the Arab-Israeli conflict. But his latest, ‘Zaytoun,’ also has a universal story at its center.

Davidi (left) with Emad Burnat.

Moshe Kagan, 92, Progressive Zionist and Friend of Ariel Sharon

Moshe Kagan, a fiercely left-wing American Zionist who died at 92, was a man of many friendships, none more surprising than his decades-long warm link to Ariel Sharon.