How Jews Became 'White' On Broadway

    Warren Hoffman’s new book ‘The Great White Way’ explores how Jews used Broadway to fit in with the rest of white America.

    Reinventing Israel in Argentina

    Eshkol Nevo’s mammoth new novel, ‘Neuland,’ leaves Israel for South America, but also uses wandering to better understand the nation his characters left behind.

    The Author as Therapist for her Characters

    After failing to be a therapist while conducting her military service, Zeruya Shalev says that her career is to be ‘a therapist for literary figures.’

    Did Dreyfus Affair Really Inspire Herzl?

    The idea that the Dreyfus trial inspired Theodor Herzl to write ‘The Jewish State’ is ‘simply not true,’ Shlomo Avineri declared in a pointed lecture that opened this year’s Jewish Book Week in London.

    Modern Love Illuminated

    Daniel Jones has edited the Modern Love column of The New York Times for the past nine years. He talks about destiny, soul mates — and why he’s no love guru.