Dealing With the Side Effects of Fiction

    The narrator of Jerry Stahl’s new novel earns his living writing disclaimers about the side effects of drugs. He’s also got a fairly severe heroin habit of his own.

    Dan Lewis Is Obsessed With Knowing It All

    Dan Lewis’s ‘Now I Know’ promises to serve those who are surrounded by know-it-alls — or aspire to become one themselves.

    How David Laskin Discovered Family's Past

    It was only when writing his new book, “The Family: Three Journeys into the Heart of the 20th Century,” that David Laskin learned how the Holocaust had affected his family.

    10 Ways to Celebrate Jewish Book Month

    Whether you’re in New York or New Zealand, you can find ways to appreciate the richness and diversity of Jewish books. That’s especially true during Jewish Book Month.

    Bipartisan Effort: Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Steve Israel are leading a bipartisan charge to return Iraqi Jewish artifacts to the community.

    Bipartisan Charge To Return Iraqi Jewish Artifacts to Community, Not Government

    Some Congress members are working to ensure that Iraqi Jewish artifacts now on display in Washington are returned directly to the Iraqi Jewish community and not the government.