Footman: Issachar Zacharie was Lincoln’s podiatrist.

    All of Abraham Lincoln’s Chosen Friends

    Attorney Abraham Jonas and foot doctor Issachar Zacharie are well known friends of Abraham Lincoln. Here are three others who played an important role in his remarkable life.

    The Doctors Are In: In this painting by Alonzo Chappel, Dr. Charles Liebermann, a Russian-born Jewish physician, gazes intently at the dying president.

    Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Gift to the Jews

    What exactly was Abraham Lincoln’s greatest legacy? The Great Emancipator moved us irrevocably away from Christian America rhetoric and toward a more inclusive vision.

    Go Ask Alice: The Mad Hatter’s tea party as seen in a 1910 theater production of ‘Alice In Wonderland.’

    Alice in Anti-Semitic Land

    A new book defends Lewis Carroll against accusations of pedophilia. But Benjamin Ivry asks why it leaves his controversial statements about Jews unexplained.

    Back in Time: A 1955 view of the entrance gates to the barracks of Auschwitz.

    Voices of Holocaust Survivors Resound in Words of Grandchildren

    In essays by grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, one might expect a sense of inadequacy and guilt. Instead, there’s empowerment, and an appreciation of the privileges of freedom.

    A Jewish Assassin? John Wilkes Booth’s father attended synagogue.

    Was John Wilkes Booth Jewish?

    The rumor that Lincoln’s assassin belonged to a family of Spanish Jewish ancestry has been around for a while. Historians Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell dig deeper.