'I Think You're Totally Wrong' Goes to Hollywood

    Four days of intense conversation between friends became the basis for ‘I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel,’ a book that is now being made into a movie by James Franco.

    12 Books We're Looking Forward To in 2015

    2015 looks to be a bumper year for Jewish books. From a history of Lincoln to an Arctic circle romance, Julia M. Klein presents 12 books to eagerly anticipate.

    The Most Jewish True Crime Book Ever

    John Safran’s inquiry into the stabbing death of an elderly white supremacist is chilling. It’s also one of the most Jewish true crime books ever written.

    Gary Shteyngart

    The Year of the Former Soviet Author

    More and more Jewish writers from the former Soviet Union have become household names. Here’s what you have to know about them, from Gary Shteyngart to Anya Ulinich.

    Carolyn Starman Hessel

    'Jewish Oprah' Carolyn Starman Hessel Turns Page From Jewish Book Council

    When Carolyn Starman Hessel joined the New York-based Jewish Book Council in 1994 – at the request of friend Marsha Posner – she knew nothing about the publishing world.