Boxer Manny Pacquiao 'Loves the Jews,' Has 'Mezuzah on Every Door'

    Boxer Manny Pacquiao may be looking to get the Tribe behind him as he heads into his fight of the century against Floyd Mayweather.

    14 Rabbis Join Baltimore March for Freddie Gray

    Fourteen rabbis in the Baltimore region will join a rally and march for “police reform and justice for Freddie Gray.”

    Famed Composer and Wife Die in House Fire

    A famed British-Jewish composer and his wife were killed in a fire at their home in Yonkers, New York.

    Ali Marpet Makes Splash as Tampa Bay Buccaneers Take Jewish Lineman in Second Round

    When Alexander “Ali” Marpet and Jake Fuerst went on a camel ride during a Birthright trip to Israel last summer, the animal brayed loudly in displeasure at the 467 pounds of young men perched on its back.

    AIPAC Opposes GOP 'Poison Pill' Amendments to Iran Bill

    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee opposes amendments it would “ordinarily support” to a bill mandating congressional review of an Iran nuclear deal.