Yochanan Gordon

    Pro-Genocide Opinion Piece Pulled From Jewish Papers

    The Times of Israel and the 5 Towns Jewish Times removed a blog post calling for genocide to be considered as an option in the Gaza conflict and the Times of Israel dropped the blogger.

    Brussels Jewish Museum Shooter's Lawyers Shown Making 'Quenelle'

    Attorneys representing the suspected killer of four people in Belgium’s Jewish museum posed for a picture while performing the quenelle gesture, which many believe is an anti-Semitic salute.

    'Captured' Israeli Soldier Hadar Goldin Just Got Engaged

    Hadar Goldin got engaged just a few weeks before being sent into Gaza by Operation Protective Edge. Now authorities fear that he was captured by Hamas militants.

    Belgian Doctor Denies Refusing Treatment to Jewish Patient in Spat Over Israel War

    The Belgian physician who refused to treat a Jewish woman and suggested she go to Gaza apologized for doing “something stupid” but denied knowing that the woman was a Jew.

    Israel Shelling Kills 50 — Soldier Captured as Gaza Truce Crumbles

    Israel declared a Gaza ceasefire over on Friday, saying Hamas militants breached the truce soon after it came in effect and apparently captured an Israeli officer while killing two other soldiers.