California Jewish Campus Leader Blames Conflict Probe on 'Pro-Israel' Stance

    A Jewish UCLA student nominated to serve as a regent for the statewide University of California system alleged that a conflict-of-interest probe against him is “an attack against me as a pro-Israel student.”

    Bnei Akiva Chief Noam Perel Faces Ouster for '300 Foreskins' Revenge Call

    The leaders of World Bnei Akiva said they will hold an emergency meeting on whether or not to remove the movement’s secretary general following his call for avenging the murder of three Israeli teens with blood.

    More Bloodshed: Anguished relatives mourn deaths of Hamas militants killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza.

    7 Hamas Men Killed by Israel in Gaza Strike

    Israeli air strikes killed seven Hamas gunmen early Monday, the Islamist group’s armed wing said, making it their highest single death toll since a 2012 cross-border war with the Jewish state.

    ‘They Hit Me:’ Tariq Abu Khdeir, the 15-year-old American cousin of slain Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir, suffered serious injuries in a July 3 beating.

    VIDEO: American Cousin of 'Revenge' Victim Speaks Out After Beating

    Tariq Abu Khdeir, the American cousin of Palestinian ‘revenge’ attack victim Mohammed Abu Khdeir, spoke out about his beating at the hands of Israeli police.

    Florida Cousin of Revenge Victim Put Under House Arrest

    An Israeli judge on Sunday released from jail and placed under house arrest a 15-year-old American of Palestinian descent whose apparent beating by Israeli police in East Jerusalem has drawn U.S. concern.