Israeli Police Suggest Incitement Probe Against Arab-Israeli Lawmaker

    Israel Police said they have enough evidence to launch an investigation for incitement against Arab-Israeli lawmaker Hanin Zoabi.

    Leslie Neulander

    Prominent Syracuse Doctor Robert Neulander Charged in 2012 Murder of Wife

    A prominent physician active in the Syracuse, N.Y., Jewish community was indicted for the September 2012 murder of his wife.

    Pluralism Advocates Seek State Funding for Non-Orthodox in Israel

    At 3:30 Shavuot morning, more than 100 people are seated on folding chairs singing in Yiddish as men walk around with shots of vodka and cups of coffee. Up front, a man in a black frock coat and black hat is belting out the notes, his eyes closed.

    Naftali Frenkel

    Kidnapped Teen's Mother To Address U.N. Council

    The mother of kidnapped Israeli teenager Naftali Frenkel will address the United Nations Human Rights Council.

    Ousted: Former Krakow Chief Rabbi Boaz Pash, shown lighting a Hanukkah candle in 2010, was known for his outreach and openness.

    Krakow Chief Rabbi Irks Many Poles With 'Don't Like Jews' Remark

    On the way to his first appearance as Krakow’s new chief rabbi, Eliezer Gurary passed a group of young demonstrators holding signs with messages of affection for Jews. Not everyone is so pleased with him.