1 People: Palestinians celebrate unity government in Gaza.

    Palestinian Unity Government Sworn In

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in a unity government on Monday after overcoming a last-minute dispute with the Hamas Islamist group.

    Keeping Kosher: Rabbi Sholom Lipskar wraps tefillin with a prisoner in a Florida jail.

    Jewish Inmate Demands Transfer in Alabama Prison Kosher Food Fight

    A Jewish man being held in an Alabama prison who sued the federal government demanding to be served kosher food has asked a federal judge to grant a transfer to another prison.

    Israel Warns Europe Far Right Against Neo-Nazi Allies

    Israel urged Europe’s rising right-wing parties on Sunday not to ally with “neo-Nazi, racist” parties, saying it would not recognize political blocs with ties to such groups.

    Tens of Thousands March in 50th Annual N.Y. Israel Parade

    Tens of thousands marched in New York in the Celebrate Israel Parade, which is marking its 50th anniversary.

    Why Did Rolling Stones Delay Start of Israel Concert?

    Why did the Rolling Stones delay the start time of their Israel concert? Hint: It’s for the same reason fans are renting Tel Aviv apartments for Shavuot.