Reform Movement Sheds Publishing Arm

    The Union for Reform Judaism is handing over its in-house publishing arm to Berhman House, a venerable New Jersey-based publisher if academic and Jewish books.

    German Jews Irked by Major Palestinian Gathering in Berlin

    A major gathering of Palestinians in Europe, set for this weekend in Berlin, has drawn concern of Jewish and other pro-Israel groups over alleged ties of the event to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

    Anti-Gay Pastor Charles Stanley Backs Out of Jewish National Fund Honor

    A Baptist pastor who has said that homosexuality is “destructive” and that gays are “separate from God” declined an honor from the Jewish National Fund’s Atlanta chapter because of protests.

    Bill Clinton Foundation's Biggest Donor Is Ukrainian Jew Who Does Business With Iran

    The largest single donor to the Clinton Foundation, a Ukrainian businessman who backs Jewish causes, reportedly also trades with Iran, according to Newsweek.

    Shabbat Fire Dad Grieves at 7 Children's Graves in Jerusalem

    The father of the seven children who died in a house fire in Brooklyn returned to the Jerusalem cemetery where they are buried to mark the shloshim, or 30 days since their death.