Nigella Lawson Banned From the U.S. Over Drug Use

    The British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was banned from flying to the United States because she confessed to taking illegal drugs, British media reported.

    Circumcision Is Comprable To Vaccination, Says New Study

    An Australian-American team of researchers recommended circumcising infant males to avoid diseases in a new study that compared the practice to vaccination.

    Israeli-American Council Opens Vegas Office for Growing Israeli Population

    The Israeli-American Council has established an office in Las Vegas as part of a drive to expand from its Los Angeles base to U.S. cities with major concentrations of Israeli expatriates.

    Portuguese workers gather in Lisbon to protest the government?s austerity measures.

    Jewish Prison Guard Investigated for Nazi Salute in Lisbon

    Portuguese prosecutors are investigating a Jewish prison guard and five of his colleagues for making a Nazi salute.

    It's 'Reality Check' Time for the Peace Talks, Says Kerry

    Secretary of State John Kerry held late night phone conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in a bid to revive peace talks.