Controversial Salute: Nicolas Anelka, a French striker for the West Bromwich Albion team, celebrates a goal. He later flashed the ?quenelle,? a gesture reminiscent of the Nazi salute.

    Belgian Athlete Gets 10-Game Suspension for Anti-Semitic 'Quenelle'

    A Belgian athlete who did the quenelle gesture at a match was banned for 10 games.

    Second Time Around: Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was reinstated in November 2013 after he was cleared of corruption charges.

    Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Workers Launch Strike to Protest Low Wages

    Employees of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs have gone on a major strike protesting low wages and working conditions.

    California State Appeals Court Upholds UC Irvine Protestors Convictions

    A California state appeals court has upheld the conviction of 10 students at the University of California, Irvine, who disrupted a 2010 speech by then-Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren.

    AIPAC Seeks To Unite Pro-Israel Forces in Multicultural Big Tent

    You’ve got your rousing church choir, your multi-denominational trio of rabbis quoting Torah, and, above all, your pleas to please, please, please be nice. Welcome to AIPAC.

    Austrian Mayor Won't Be Tried for 'Hang Jews' Remark

    An Austrian ex-mayor who said journalists and Jews should be hanged will not stand trial for hate speech, prosecutors said.