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Is Alexander Portnoy White?

If whiteness is an easy, carefree, oblivious relationship to race, then it’s awfully difficult to classify Alexander Portnoy as white.


Military Service Is What Makes Israeli Men Modern-Day Methusalehs: Study

An Israeli researcher has a surprising theory as to why Israeli men live so long: military service.

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ANALYSIS: Benjamin Netanyahu Rolls the Dice With Push To ‘Legalize’ Illegal Settlements

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s support for a bill that would legalize Israeli settlement homes on private Palestinian land in the West Bank is seen in Isra...

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Germany Bluntly Urges Israel To Drop ‘Illegal’ Settlement Land Grab Bill

Germany urged Israel in unusually strong language on Wednesday to scrap legislation that would legalize Israeli settlement homes built on private Palestinian la...

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Economics Nobel Winner Oliver Hart Says ‘Meh’ to Donald Trump Budget Plan

President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to increase spending on infrastructure while cutting taxes would endanger public finances, Economics Nobel laureate Oliver ...

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Statue of Liberty Gives Nazi Salute on ‘Man in the High Castle’ Billboard

NEW YORK (JTA) — A new advertisement in New York City for the second season of the Amazon TV series “The Man in the High Castle” shows the Statue of Liberty giv...

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Jewish Cancer Patient Finds Bone Marrow Donor — After Kim Kardashian Pitch

(JTA) — After a highly publicized search, a Jewish man with a deadly cancer has found a bone marrow donor. On Tuesday, Adam Krief, a 31-year-old father of three...

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4 Jewish Groups Urge Donald Trump To Dump Michael Flynn as Security Pick

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Four liberal Jewish groups have joined a drive calling on President-elect Donald Trump to rescind the choice of Mike Flynn as his national security adviser, citing the general’s hostility to Islam and his retweeting an anti-Semitic tweet. “He has written that ‘fear of Muslims is rational’ and said that ‘Islam is a political…

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Benjamin Netanyahu Says Western Wall Prayer Deal ‘Going To Take Time’

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed coalition politics for the delay in implementing a deal reached earlier this year to create a...


This 101-Year-Old’s Uncle Was the Strongest Jew in the World

In the 1920s, a Romanian Jewish man named Max Rosenstock became ‘The Strongest Man in the World.’ His 101-year-old niece, the late Martha Gold, told us his stor...


For Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, Whiteness Was a Fragile Identity Long Before Trump

Sigal Samuel says today’s white supremacist surge is pushing Ashkenazim into the racially ambiguous space occupied by Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews.


Sorry, America: There Is No ‘Hanukkah Season.’

Hanukkah’s eight days, no more and no less, are part of what makes it special. To “celebrate” Hanukkah for more than eight days is to reduce the meaning of the ...