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Monica Lewinsky Thinks Internet Trolls, Not Donald Trump, Won Person of The Year

Monica Lewinsky thinks internet trolls are winning. Here’s how she says we can stop them.


Israelis Sue Waze Navigation App for Creating Neighborhood Traffic Jam

Israelis from a Tel Aviv suburb are suing Waze, the traffic and navigation app, to stop it from turning a quiet neighborhood street into a congested thoroughfar...


Was TV Host ‘Shameful’ for Grilling Danielle Berrin About Ari Shavit Groping?

Los Angeles Jewish Journal writer Danielle Berrin thought she was invited on Israel’s Channel 2 to talk about Jewish media in the diaspora on a visit Israel thi...


Reading Anne Frank in South Africa: Apartheid’s Jewish Lesson for Trump’s America

Standing with Trump’s primary targets will earn us the hatred of the white nationalists — but that’s actually a sign that we’re doing the right thing, Tony Karo...

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Emerson College Hit With White Supremacist Flyers

Posters promoting a white supremacist, neo-Nazi organization were discovered in a lecture hall and a student residence at Emerson College.


Shmuley Boteach Tweets Picture With Bannon, Gets a Bit Trump-Like on Twitter

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, friend of Steve Bannon, had a weird few hours on Twitter last night.

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Buoyed by Trump, Josh Mandel Launches Second Bid To Unseat Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Josh Mandel, Ohio’s state treasurer, is mounting another campaign to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown, the incumbent Democrat. Mandel, a Marines vet...

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Adolf Burger, Last of ‘Hitler’s Counterfeiters,’ Dies at 99

PRAGUE (JTA) — Adolf Burger, a Holocaust survivor who was forced by the Nazis to counterfeit British banknotes during WWII, has died in Prague at the age of 99, his family said. Burger, a native of Slovakia, was a typographer by profession. He was arrested in 1942 for producing false baptism records for Jews scheduled…

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Knife-Wielding Palestinian Killed by Israeli Troops at West Bank Checkpoint

Israeli paramilitary police officers in the occupied West Bank shot and killed a Palestinian who ran toward them brandishing a knife on Thursday, police said. ...

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Newtown Massacre ‘Hoaxer’ Charged With Threats Against Noah Pozner’s Father

A Florida woman has been arrested for threatening the parents of a Jewish boy killed in the in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut. ...

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President Obama Says Crucial To Keep Diplomacy Alive on Mideast Peace

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Barack Obama in his final speech on national security said diplomatic engagement is “required” to resolve Middle Eastern conflicts,...

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Ex-Porn Star Jenna Jameson Plans Move to Israel

(JTA) — Jenna Jameson, the former adult actress and recent convert to Judaism who is engaged to an Israeli, told an Israeli publication that she plans to move t...