Men In Makeup: Feminist Triumph Or Capitalist Gambit?

What may await us is the dubious triumph of men and women alike having to wonder whether everything that went wrong on a given day would have gone right, had they only gone in for eye cream in their early 20s.

7-Year-Old French Rabbi’s Son Killed by Crane on Way Home From Synagogue

(JTA) — The 7-year-old son of a rabbi from the Paris area was hit by a truck-mounted crane and killed while walking home from his synagogue. Shmuel Sarfati was declared dead approximately 20 minutes after he was hit in the head by the crane Monday in the northeastern Paris suburb of Poissy, the news site…

Murderer’s Cousins Busted in Slaying of Hasidic Brooklyn Landlord

(JTA) — Two brothers were arrested in connection with the 2014 kidnapping and murder of a Jewish Brooklyn landlord. Erskin and Kendall Felix, aged 38 and 28, respectively, were taken into custody for their alleged roles in the killing of Menachem Stark, the New York Daily News reported Friday based on information obtained from police…

Stressed Out Over the Election? There’s a (Meditation) App For That.

A meditation app has created a series of “election emergency” guided meditations, aimed to help manage politically-induced stress.

Israeli Terror Survivors and War Vets Get Inked To Help Heal

Israelis who suffered trauma from war and terrorism get tattooed as a way to heal.

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