Kippah-Clad Fiend Swipes 4 Torah Scrolls Worth $200K From Brooklyn Synagogue

(JTA) — Four Torah scrolls valued at approximately $240,000 were stolen from a Brooklyn synagogue during a holiday that honors the sacred texts. Surveillance video showed a man in his 20s wearing a kippah entering the Avenue O Synagogue in the Midwood section and leaving with the scrolls during Simchat Torah, according to local news…

Ask the Rebbetzin: How Can I Move Forward without Changing Myself?

The Rebbetzin counsels a woman that wants to improve herself without completely starting over.

Megyn Kelly isn’t ‘Fascinated With Sex.’ Trump-Surrogate Newt Gingrich Might Be.

The GOP has either decided or confirmed that sex-broadly-defined sells, and is more or less running on that strategy.

How Bob Dylan Became a Jews for Jesus Icon

Messianic Jews are also celebrating Bob Dylan’s Nobel win: the Bard was a born-again Christian, and has sung often about Jesus.

Stealing the Ultimate Pickle Recipe

We got an exclusive first look at a funny new film about a coveted pickle recipe that threatens to divide a Jewish family — and we’re sharing it with you.

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