With Trump’s Abuse In The News, Victims Speak Out

I was roofied and date-raped after going out on a first date with a man I met on J-date, of all places.

Israeli Love in the Time of Trump: A Broken Marriage and a Budding Romance with a Muslim

In Judaism, the concept of shana rishona (the first year) tells us that the first year of marriage is so precious and so critical that newlyweds get an extended “honeymoon” to build their life together. Instead, my husband spent our first six months prioritizing his brother over the vows he made to me.


Ask the Rebbetzin: How Do I Convince My Orthodox Brother That My Judaism is Authentic, Too?

The truth that I continually return to is that Jewish practice does not look only one way — That your brother’s experience is real and that your experience is also real. That you are both the real deal.


4 Ukrainians Busted in Beating of Chabad Rabbi

(JTA) – Police in Ukraine arrested four suspects, including two teenagers, in the beating of a rabbi in the western city of Zhitomir earlier this month. The suspects in the Oct. 7 beating of Mendel Deitsch, 63, were apprehended Sunday at a bus station in the city, which they planned to flee because they believed…

This Jewish Democrat Raised $13K for GOP on GoFundMe After ‘Nazi’ Firebombing

In a rare moment of across the aisle solidarity, Democrats led an online fundraiser to fix a North Carolina Republican Party office damaged by an explosion last week.

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