Eat, Drink + Think

Wild Rice With Roasted Peppers & Candied Almonds

This elegant, eye-catching and simple side dish from the new “Silver Platter” cookbook is extremely versatile — and healthful to boot.

Small-Batch Vodka, Made in Brooklyn U.S.A.

For a Lithuanian-Jewish family in Brooklyn, making vodka is a family affair.

Bibi and Mariah Carey Belong Together (at Dinner)

Anytime Mariah Carey needs a friend, Bibi’s there. The Israeli prime minister invited the singer and her billionaire boyfriend to dinner — and here’s what he had to say about it.

'Wet Hot American Summer'? More like 'Wet, Hot, Jewish Summer'

The “Wet, Hot, American Summer” prequel series shows a bunch of 30-something (or 40-something) comedians pretending to be 16- and 17-year-olds in the 1970s. Sex jokes abound.

The Rosa Parks of Israeli Cemeteries

Susan Ahyed’s court battle began when the rabbi at her friend’s funeral told her to move back to the women’s section.

In Israel, Love is Not Love

“Love is love,” President Obama tweeted in response to the recent Supreme Court decision. But in Israel, love is not love because love is held hostage by archaic marriage and divorce laws.