Eat, Drink + Think

Is it our imagination, or does this look a little like a headstone?

The Demise of the Jewish Deli, Again

Another Jerry’s Famous Deli is closing in Los Angeles.

The Ambiguous Jewishness of Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot, in the show, is basically every ‘The Jew’ from turn-of-the-century literature.

Amy Schumer Lands in Hot Water After Beyonce Parody Video

The Internet threw shade at Amy Schumer after she made a parody video of Beyonce’s song “Formation.”

WATCH: Polish Women, in Black, Protest Proposed Abortion Laws

The idea is to allow the fetus to make its way into the world (that is, to compel the woman carrying that fetus to give birth) so that there would be time for the baby to be baptized and then buried.

Gal Gadot Says She Would’ve Pulled Krav Maga on Donald Trump’s Wandering Hands

The former Miss Israel told James Corden and Cher that if Trump had crossed a line, her IDF training would have helped fend him off.

Ivanka, We’re Not Buying It — Your Words, or Your Clothes

The fantasy is that you’re a successful young businesswoman and ex-model who also happens to have a rich father and rich husband but you’ve kept your name (which is… Trump).

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