On 'Daily Show,' Amy Schumer Continues To Discuss Gun Violence

Following her press conference on gun violence in America, Amy Schumer continued to discuss the subject on Monday night’s appearance on ‘The Daily Show.’

Rediscovering the Judeo-Spanish Language

Dominique Vidal’s father survived Auschwitz to become a leading scholar in Judeo-Spanish. Now, father and son have collaborated on a book of conversations about the endangered language known as Ladino.


Israel's Top Tables and All the Weekly Dish

Israel’s top foodie reveals favorite eateries, Dodger’s stadium gets kosher option, plus everything happening in the world of Jewish food.

How I Gained an Unlikely Love for Torah — And a Guatemalan Daughter

Laura Diamond used to think that Torah Study was for pious Jews who kept two sets of dishes and wore tallit 24/7. She was none of those things, but she gave it a shot anyways.


Chuck Schumer and Cousin Amy Schumer Team Up Against Gun Violence

Amy Schumer and her cousin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, are teaming up on an initiative to prompt politicians to act against gun violence.

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