When Langston Hughes Sang Jewish America

In ‘Selected Letters of Langston Hughes,’ the celebrated African-American poet is outspoken about his Jewish friendships, as well as his appreciation of Jewish culture.


A Rhubarb-Season Reminiscence — My Lunch With Miriam Rothschild

On a stopover in London en route to Israel, the author found herself at lunch in the home of a likeminded naturalist with a highly illustrious background.


In Search of the Jews of Jurassic World

“Jurassic World” is off to the races as this summer’s first blockbuster film. Neal Pollack is determined to find a Jewish story in the film — even if he has to stay awake through the whole thing in order to do it.


Country Rhubarb Wine

Forget jam and pie — here’s how to make rhubarb wine. If you have the patience to age it, it will taste like a good sherry.

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