Falafel War Erupts in Paris — Who Will Win Battle of Jewish Quarter?

On a crowded sidewalk in the French capital, Yomi Peretz exchanges jokes and backslaps with customers who are waiting in a 20-yard queue in the rain to enter his falafel shop.

It’s Hitler in Yiddish as Mel Brooks Gem ‘The Producers’ Returns to Stage

A Montreal theater is reviving Mel Brooks’s anti-fascist satire “The Producers” in the creator’s own mameloshn, or mother tongue.

Why Only Jewish Boys Get To Keep Their Noses

Once Jewish women’s bodies may have been relentlessly caricatured in pop culture. Now, author Tahneer Oksman, explains how a new generation of graphic novelists, have reclaimed those caricatures.


‘Tikkun’ Director Avishai Sivan Talks Breaking Taboos and Portraying the Orthodox

Though not Orthodox himself, Israeli filmmaker Avishai Sivan has made several films about the Orthodox. In an exclusive interview, the director of “Tikkun” describes his relationship with the Hasidic community.

A Rabbi’s Daughter Grapples With the Commandment to Honor Her Father

The fifth commandment tells us to honor our father. But what do you do when your father was a violent man who left you shattered. As a rabbi falls ill, a daughter contemplates her obligations.

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