5 (Jewish) Hairdos Bibi Could Have Had for Way Under $1,600

For $1,600, you can become the proud owner of an Apple laptop, a month’s lodging with three roommates and no windows in Manhattan or, if your name happens to be Benjamin Netanyahu, a fairly standard haircut.


My Father’s Funeral

After his father died, Rabbi Shelley Michael Waldenberg and his family journeyed to the Har Hamenuchot Cemetery overlooking Jerusalem. His story is a painful but ultimately redemptive one.

My Father’s Day Regrets

Neal Gabler regrets that, when his father was alive, he never gave him the love and respect he was due. This thoughtful and thought-provoking essay offers the man a well-deserved appreciation.

How Jews Made London the Fashion Capital of the World

Jews have always been closely associated with the clothing trade. An exhibit at Jewish Museum London shows how closely Jews were involved with all facets of the fashion industry during the 20th Century and beyond.

10 Meme Accounts That Own the #Jewish Game on Instagram

If you’ve spent any sort of time online you know that memes dominate Instagram. But did you know that many of the most popular and funniest meme accounts are curated by Jews?

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