Quitting My Meds, Slowly

Judy Bolton-Fasman once considered herself the ‘poster girl’ for psychotropic medications but now wonders if her pills have become a crutch.

Barbara Mikulski, a Pro-Israel Stalwart

For some, departing Senator Barbara Mikulski represents a vanishing breed: a staunch liberal who is unstinting in her support of Israel.

Jon Voight: 'President Obama Doesn't Love Israel'

Jon Voight wants you to know that, unlike Barack Obama, he REALLY loves Israel. In a video, the actor criticizes the American president’s Middle East policy and endorses Bibi.

Chuck Norris Endorses Bibi

Could Chuck Norris come to Benjamin Netanyahu’s rescue in tomorrow’s election?

Did 'The Jinx' Just Convict Robert Durst?

Among the many questions raised by the dramatic conclusion of “The Jinx,” HBO’s six-part docu-series on suspected killer Robert Durst, was the issue of when law enforcement officials were made aware of the damning materials gathered by filmmaker Andrew Jarecki.