Women of the Wall Standing at Prayer

Shouldn't Zionism Prioritize the Rights of Women?

In advance of Israel Independence Day, Elana Maryles Sztokman argues that the Zionist dream of Jewish autonomy and freedom in a national homeland is currently only realized by men.

Newspapers on the printer.

Why Pulitzer Prize Winner Dumped Journalism — or Was It Other Way Round?

So, you just won a Pulitzer Prize. Congrats! Your journalism legacy is secured. Unless you left journalism to work in PR, that is.

How To Navigate the Federal Bar Mitzvah Exchange Marketplace

Your kid’s bar or bat mitzvah is their special day. So don’t cheap out on them. Neal Pollack offers some suggestions from the newly created federal B’nai Mitzvah Exchange marketplace.

Sheitels and Garments

Sheitels and Garments is a series of letters between Brianne McDonald, a Mormon writer, and Rachel Delia Benaim, a Jewish freelance journalist.

Kevin Pollak Talks Comedy, Misery and Twitter Outrage

Kevin Pollak made his comedic debut when his mother came home unexpectedly and caught him lip-synching to Bill Cosby’s first album. His documentary ‘Misery Loves Comedy’ is out in New York this week.