A Mexican Passover

Add a little spice to your Passover with this jalapeño-spiked matzo ball soup recipe from Pati Jinich.


After All These Years, Are These Movies Still Funny?

I’ve long been fascinated by the simple question “Is it still funny?” If tragedy plus time equals comedy, what does comedy plus time equal? More comedy? Or, if the laughs don’t come as you remembered, tragedy again?


When a Holocaust Memoir Becomes a Ghost Story

Raphael Magarik tries to figure out why the Holocaust memoir “But You Did Not Come Back,” by Marceline Loridan-Ivens has become such a phenomenal international success. The answer has something to do with the current anti-Semitic climate in France.

What’s a Jewboo? Broad City’ Writer Dishes on her Cross-Cultural Romance

“Broad City” and “Difficult People” writer Naomi Ekperigin dishes on her cross-cultural romance with soon-to-be husband Andy Beckerman, otherwise known as “Jewboo.”

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