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The Liqueur-Making Jews of Curacao

The oldest continually active Jewish congregation in the Americas? Hint: Check your margarita glass.

Fine Town: Milwaukee was a diverse, thriving and tolerant city when Jack Nusan Porter was a child in the 1950s.

Why Wisconsin Was a Great State To Grow Up Jewish

Jack Nusan Porter arrived in America in 1946 as a baby son of poor immigrants. In Wisconsin, he found prosperity, tolerance — and a great state to grow up Jewish.

The Dean of Women Drummers

Mindy Abovitz is the editor of Tom Tom, the ‘only magazine dedicated to female drummers.’ She talked to us about starting a print mag, and why the drums are thought to be a masculine instrument.

Israel Expects 50% Surge in Immigration by French Jews

Israel expects the number of French Jews moving there this year, which was already predicted to rise sharply from 2014’s record level, to accelerate further after the killings at a Paris kosher grocery, a senior official said on Sunday.

Presidential Embrace: French President Francois Hollande hugs a relative of a victim of the attacks in Paris, during a ceremony at the Grand Synagogue.

Supermarket Attack Victims Remembered at Paris Synagogue

Hundreds gathered with the leaders of France and Israel to remember the victims of an attack at a kosher supermarket near Paris.

Yoav Hattab

Supermarket Victim Yoav Hattab Recently Returned from Birthright Trip

Yoav Hattab, one of the victims of last week’s Paris kosher supermarket shooting, recently returned from a Birthright Israel trip.