Will Rwanda Take Israel's African Migrants in Exchange for Favorable Contracts?

Israel and Rwanda are discussing a deal in which the East African nation would take in illegal migrants from the Jewish state in exchange for favorable contracts.

The Doctors Are In: In this painting by Alonzo Chappel, Dr. Charles Liebermann, a Russian-born Jewish physician, gazes intently at the dying president.

Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Gift to the Jews

What exactly was Abraham Lincoln’s greatest legacy? The Great Emancipator moved us irrevocably away from Christian America rhetoric and toward a more inclusive vision.

The Passover Gluten of Our Affliction

Julie Botanic decided to eliminate gluten from her diet, but not before a last tour of the Streit’s Matzo Factory on the Lower East Side.

Countering Affliction With Prune Charoset

Matzo isn’t called ‘the bread of our affliction’ for nothing. This charoset recipe will help mitigate any misery it may cause.

Chocolate Swirl Amaranth Breakfast Porridge

Who says super-healthy food can’t be super delicious? Nutrition-packed amaranth gets a flavor boost from a chocolate swirl and texture from dried mango and toasted almonds.