Introducing 'Pulpit Plus One'

Introducing ‘Pulpit Plus One: The Secret Lives of Rabbis’ Husbands, Partners, and Wives,’ an honest and lively series of interviews examining the nuances of a complex role.

Watch Bette Midler Sing Kim Kardashian Tweets

What’s better than mocking a Kim Kardashian tweet? Hearing Bette Midler sing them out loud. The Broadway star did just that during an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Bread and Butter Issues Key for Israel Voters — Not Iran Bogeyman

Whoever wins Israel’s election next week must answer demands for relief from soaring housing prices and a high cost of living, but the days of big state spending on social programs are unlikely to return.

Why Is Religious Pluralism Not Issue in Israel Vote?

A flyer published in late February declared that liberal Jews — whether liberal Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or otherwise — account for more than 600,000 Israelis. That many votes, the flyer said, could account for 10 seats in Knesset, a substantial party.