How 100 Years of Jewish Jokes Shaped Modern Humor

Vulture’s list of top 100 jokes prove to shape modern comedy prove Jews are the real kings of comedy.


Brooklyn Born Choreographer Murray Louis Dies at 89

Murray Louis, a Brooklyn born choreographer who grew up with Yiddish-speaking parents, went on to become a prolific international artist. Talya Zax recalls his legacy.

Judge Judy's Dating Advice: Don't Go for Schlubs

Judge Judy has some dating advice for you: don’t be so ‘desperate to nest’ that you settle for a schlub and above all, maintain your financial independence. Your mom would agree.

That Time Bernie Sanders Played a Rabbi Named 'Manny Shevitz' in an Indie Film

Looking for a movie to watch tonight? How about this indie flick starring Bernie Sanders as a rabbi!

Hasidic Guys Watch 'Fiddler on the Roof' for the First Time — and Kinda Like It

Watching ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ is tradition. (TRAAAADITION!) So here’s what happened when Orthodox website Jew and the City screened the film to Hasidim for the first time.

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