5 (Actually 6) Jewish Cookbooks for the Breakfast Fanatic

For those of us who live to eat breakfast, here are the Jewish cookbooks that do it best.

How Did Marvin Hier Become the Rabbi Who Blesses Movies?

So, how did Marvin Hier who grow up poor in an Orthodox family on the Lower East Side become the rabbi who blesses movies and has hobnobbed with Tom Cruise and Frank Sinatra? Curt Schleier talks to Simon Wiesenthal Center founder Marvin Hier about his remarkable careers.

Bacon Star of David — and All the Dish

A Glatt food truck in L.A., the best shakshouka in Denver, the top 5 chopped liver purveyors in Philly, new high-end kosher in Jerusalem and more.

Kenny & Ziggy’s Opens New Houston Deli

Houston deli Kenny & Ziggy’s has a second location.

Morgan Freeman Celebrates Passover on TV’s ‘The Story of God’

Morgan Freeman broke bread (or in this case, matzah) with Rabbi Maya Leibovich in Jerusalem as he explored the meaning of religion in his National Geographic show, “The Story of God.”

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