Toulouse Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc

Toulouse Bans Boycott Israel 'Apartheid' Event

The City of Toulouse banned an event organized by far-left activists promoting a boycott of Israel.

Who Buys All That Hametz?

Ever wonder how the Israeli government gets rid of its chametz, or leavened foods, at Passover?

A Campus Divided: Students at the University of Michigan called on their school to divest from companies that they say contribute to human rights violations against the Palestinians.

Michigan Students Reject Israel Divestment 25-15

The University of Michigan’s Central Student Government rejected a divestment resolution.

Back in Time: A 1955 view of the entrance gates to the barracks of Auschwitz.

Voices of Holocaust Survivors Resound in Words of Grandchildren

In essays by grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, one might expect a sense of inadequacy and guilt. Instead, there’s empowerment, and an appreciation of the privileges of freedom.

A Jewish Assassin? John Wilkes Booth’s father attended synagogue.

Was John Wilkes Booth Jewish?

The rumor that Lincoln’s assassin belonged to a family of Spanish Jewish ancestry has been around for a while. Historians Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell dig deeper.