Did Allen Ginsberg Secretly Want To Be Bob Dylan?

A newly-released 3-CD set introduces listeners to a side of legendary poet many of us have never heard. Turns out that Ginsberg moonlighted as a songwriter — and was pretty good at it too.


T-Shirt Pays Homage to Toronto Market’s Jewish History

Hip design store in Toronto debuts shirt to celebrate Jewish history in Kensington Market.

In a Back Alley of Tijuana

It was 1964 in Southern California. I was 23, in a committed relationship, and even though I was using birth control, I found myself pregnant.

In My Journey for Self-Acceptance, Could the Third Nose Be the Charm?

Barbra Streisand recently said that if she had ever had a nose job, she never would have had a singing career. However, I didn’t have the wherewithall to resist the prodding of others.

Adam Levine to Pay for Funeral of ‘Voice’ Contestant Who Was Shot to Death

Singer-songwriter Adam Levine is paying for the funeral of a 22-year-old “Voice” contestant who was shot to death on Friday.

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