For Survivor’s Grandson, Holocaust Still Reverberates in ‘East-West Street’

In “East-West Street,” a tour-de-force by Philippe Sands, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, demonstrates the relationship of the law within his own family narrative.

Peru’s National Cocktail Debuts in Israel

The grape brandy Pisco was reportedly described by Chilean Nobel Prize laureate and poet Pablo Neruda as ‘a million rays of sunshine in a single drop.’

Why a Good, Close Shave Is Like a False Messiah

A verse in Leviticus prohibits shaving. A leading Biblical scholar says electric shavers are ok. So, where can a recent Yeshiva escapee go for a good shave — and what razor is it ok for him to use?


Why Infertility Is a Jewish Issue — and What We Can Do About It

Growing up, I always dreamed of being a mom. It all seemed easy enough — until it wasn’t.

Could SymPop Be the Future of Jewish Artistic Collaboration?

What would happen if artists from different fields collaborated with each other to form communities? That was the premise of the 24-hour SymPop event. Jenna Weissman Joselit assesses her galvanizing event.

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