In a Back Alley of Tijuana

It was 1964 in Southern California. I was 23, in a committed relationship, and even though I was using birth control, I found myself pregnant.

In My Journey for Self-Acceptance, Could the Third Nose Be the Charm?

Barbra Streisand recently said that if she had ever had a nose job, she never would have had a singing career. However, I didn’t have the wherewithall to resist the prodding of others.

T-Shirt Pays Homage to Toronto Market’s Jewish History

Hip design store in Toronto debuts shirt to celebrate Jewish history in Kensington Market.

Adam Levine to Pay for Funeral of ‘Voice’ Contestant Who Was Shot to Death

Singer-songwriter Adam Levine is paying for the funeral of a 22-year-old “Voice” contestant who was shot to death on Friday.

5 Whiskies and the Messages They Send for Father’s Day

No one apart from Hallmark actually cares about Father’s Day. It’s on the calendar so dads don’t whine about Mother’s Day. Just give us some whisky and let’s move on.

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