Igor Kolomoisky

Jewish Oligarch Quits as Ukraine Governor

The Ukrainian Jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky resigned as governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region amid a dispute with President Petro Poroshenko over control of two state-owned firms.

Benjamin Netanyahu warns the world about the danger posed by Iran’s nuclear program at the U.N.

Benjamin Netanyahu Demands 'Better Deal' From Iran on Nukes

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday it was not too late for world powers still locked in nuclear negotiations with Iran to demand a “better deal.”

New Cookbook Offers Fresh Take on Holiday Food

Paula Shoyer promises that her latest cookbook, ‘The New Passover Menu,’ will set you free — offering liberation from so much same old same old.

Why British TV Handled Race Worse Than Starbucks

Starbucks was widely panned for its #RaceTogether campaign. Karen Skinazi writes the BBC did worse with a show about race that spouted anti-Semitic stereotypes (among other canards).

Festival Meal: ‘Seder,’ Nicole Eisenman’s 2010 oil painting, is on display at the Jewish Museum.

Nicole Eisenman Is an Artist With a Lot on Her 'Seder' Plate

Artist Nicole Eisenman opens up about how she depicts her own family around the Passover Seder table in a new Jewish Museum exhibit.