A Translation Tsuris

‘Vilna Vegetarian’ was translated from the original Yiddish by Eve Jochnowitz, who now raises concerns about the final product.


Leek-and-Onion Appetizer

The ‘Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook’ is full of delicious and venerable meat-free recipes such as this savory first course.


How the Hasidic Driving Ban Drove Great Britain Batty

By formally banning women from driving, the ultra-Orthodox Belz sect hit a collective nerve in Great Britain — and forced the Hasidic group’s quick retreat.


Andi Dorfman Warns New Bachelorette To 'Run Away' From Slut-Shaming Ex

If anyone knows to stay away from Nick Viall, it’s Andi Dorfman. The former ‘Bachelorette’ warned her successor on Twitter after a surprise appearance by her ex.

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