Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Problematic Passover Reading

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Passover commentary went viral. But Sarah Brodsky asks if feminist retellings of biblical stories work counter to the goals of empowering women in Judaism.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has spearheaded the move to join the International Criminal Court.

'Palestine' Set To Join International Criminal Court — But No Case Coming Soon

Palestine will raise the stakes in a legal battle with Israel on Wednesday when it joins the International Criminal Court, but any case over alleged crimes in the occupied territories is unlikely to come to trial for some years - if ever.

'Mr. Kaplan' Explores Uruguay's Nazi Past Through Comedy

‘Mr. Kaplan’ is a dark comedy about the travails of an elderly Uruguayan Jew. Can it succeed in showing the funny side of a South American nation that served as a haven for some Nazis?

#OyDate: Why Passover Is Not Date Night

Even a happy couple in love can have a bad date. That’s exactly what happened to Lior Zaltzman and her husband on their first Passover together.