Haredi Parties Embrace Taboos for Campaign Ads

The new campaign ad for the Ashkenazi haredi party UTJ features women and smartphones — two things normally discouraged in the haredi community.

Why Israel's Election Is All About Bibi

However much they disagree with his policies, opponents of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would surely admit he was right about one thing: These elections are all about him.

How London Fell Hard for Middle Eastern Food

In London, bagels and lox are out, while Israeli cuisine with bold and aromatic Sephardic flavors is in. The Guardian’s food critic explained recently how Britain has fallen in love with Middle Eastern cuisine.

Introducing 'Pulpit Plus One'

Introducing ‘Pulpit Plus One: The Secret Lives of Rabbis’ Husbands, Partners, and Wives,’ an honest and lively series of interviews examining the nuances of a complex role.

Watch Bette Midler Sing Kim Kardashian Tweets

What’s better than mocking a Kim Kardashian tweet? Hearing Bette Midler sing them out loud. The Broadway star did just that during an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’