A Rabbi’s Daughter Grapples With the Commandment to Honor Her Father

The fifth commandment tells us to honor our father. But what do you do when your father was a violent man who left you shattered. As a rabbi falls ill, a daughter contemplates her obligations.


My Father Was the Greatest Champ of All Time

Mark Singer always associated his father with Muhammad Ali. So, when Ali lost his first match, the author took it personally. At the passing of Ali, he laments the loss of both men — and their stories.


The 9 Best Jewish Food Trucks in the U.S.

Kosher options can be hard to find among the ever-increasing legion of mobile eateries. Here, a list of the standouts.

5 (Jewish) Hairdos Bibi Could Have Had for Way Under $1,600

For $1,600, you can become the proud owner of an Apple laptop, a month’s lodging with three roommates and no windows in Manhattan or, if your name happens to be Benjamin Netanyahu, a fairly standard haircut.


My Father’s Funeral

After his father died, Rabbi Shelley Michael Waldenberg and his family journeyed to the Har Hamenuchot Cemetery overlooking Jerusalem. His story is a painful but ultimately redemptive one.

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