My Overpriced Dinner at Ukraine’s Faux Jewish Eatery

There’s a Jewish-themed restaurant attached to the ruins of the 16th-century Golden Rose Synagogue here. It first caught my eye last month when I was taking photographs of Meylakh Sheykhet, a haredi Jewish man who is fighting to preserve what’s left of the once beautiful structure.

Jewish ‘AT&T Girl’ Creates Moving ‘I Am a Refugee’ Video

You know Lily. You do. She’s that chipper, slyly witty girl who works at the AT&T store — not a real one, but the one you see in those ubiquitous TV ads.


No Bull! Jon Stewart Gets Runaway Bovine Spared From Slaughterhouse

April Fools Day was eventful for comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart this year — and not because of a prank.

Brilliant ‘Crucible’ Returns to Broadway With Gripping Message for Age of Trump

Arthur Miller’s 1953 masterpiece of witch trials and McCarthyism returns to Broadway in a brilliant revival that reminds the viewer all too well of what Philip Roth referred to as “The indigenous American berserk.”


Why Was This Humble Jewish Shoemaker Asked To Join the Ku Klux Klan?

Louis Kittner was at work when a small group of prominent North Carolina businessmen came into his shop and asked the Polish Jew to join their club. Its name? The Ku Klux Klan.

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