Confessions of a Herring Hater

Leah Koenig makes a noble attempt to re-examine a classic Eastern European breakfast food. It’s beloved by many — just not by her.

The Sweeping Arc of Jewish History: An Interview with Jessamyn Hope

Jessamyn Hope’s debut novel is a story of love and redemption set against the backdrop of Jewish history spanning three continents and seven centuries.

How Woody Allen Lost Me

Up until 1992, Woody Allen was a challenging, inventive, even countercultural filmmaker. But then, something changed. Was it him? Or us? After watching Allen’s new film ‘Irrational Man,’ Adam Langer offers a response.


This Is Your Brain on Kabbalah

Was Abraham Abulafia the 13th century equivalent of Oliver Sacks? A new book on Kabbalah argues that early Jewish mystics might just have been the original neuroscientists.

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