Kosher Food Easy To Find at Disney

As religiously observant Jews know, going on vacation can take a lot of work. But if they’re traveling to Orlando, they needn’t worry.


How I Found Myself Living Out a 1980s Video Game

Michael Bennett Cohn finds himself in a somewhat real life version of the 1980s video game Castle Wolfenstein.

The Secret Jewish History of Bosnia and Sarajevo

Ever since the war in Bosnia ended 20 years ago, the country has remained divided along ethnic lines. So, where does Bosnia’s Jewish community fit in? Anne Joseph visits Sarajevo to find out.


Why We Should Applaud New York Philharmonic's Next Director

The New York Philharmonic has announced that, starting in 2018, Jaap van Zweden will be its next music director. Benjamin Ivry writes that van Zweden’s knowledge and appreciation of Jewish ritual help to make him a perfect choice for New York.

How World War II U.S. 'Propaganda' Films Painted an Idyllic America

A documentary gem at the Jewish Film Festival is Peter Miller’s “Movies in Wartime: Projections of America,” the behind-the scenes narrative about the dramatic U.S. “propaganda” films made 70 years ago by Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert Riskin, whose mission was to show WWII-liberated Europeans what America and Americans were really like.

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