Do We Focus Too Much on Auschwitz?

Is the emphasis placed on Auschwitz skewed the way we understand the Holocaust? One British author explains why the death camp can be misleading metaphor for the Shoah.

Jerusalem Old City Ad Campaign Banned by Britain

Britain’s advertising watchdog has banned an Israeli government tourism ad for showing the Old City of Jerusalem.

Joshua Fishman, Yiddishist and Linguistics Pioneer, Dies at 88

Sociolinguist, Yiddish scholar and advocate for endangered languages Joshua (Shikl) Fishman died March 1 in New York.

How I Learned to Love Queen Esther

Sarah Rudolph hated Esther for being so passive. Then she delved a little deeper — and learned to love the Biblical queen.

Death Trap: Authorities gather outside Buenos Aires Jewish center where car bomb killed 29 people in 1994.

Argentina Warned To Keep Investigating Terror Bombings Aimed at Jews

Israel told Argentina’s president that her country is responsible for investigating a 1992 attack on its embassy in Buenos Aires.