Does Lena Dunham Think Bad Cafeteria Sushi is Cultural Appropriation?

Lena Dunham basically just said that bad international cuisine in college cafeterias amounts to cultural appropriation.

Israel Army Rabbi Backs Down on Rape Pronouncement — Called Gays ‘Sick’

The choice for chief rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces renounced statements he made about rape in wartime and drafting female soldiers. Col. Eyal Karim, 59, was nominated Monday by the IDF’s chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkot. On Tuesday, Karim was called for an interview with the IDF Personnel Directorate over statements…


Susan Faludi’s Story of Her Father’s Survival and Transition

Acclaimed journalist Susan Faludi knew her father’s temper and his story of survival during the Holocaust. Yet she was still unprepared for her father Steven’s decision to become Stefanie at the age of 76.

That Time Jews Smuggled Chocolate to France — and a Recipe for Basque Chocolate Cake

Sephardi Jews, exiled from Spain, brought chocolate making to France? Oooh, la, la.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Anti-Trump Comments Spark Backlash

It’s rare for a Supreme Court justice to speak out about politics, and Ginsburg has faced both outrage and mocking editorializing for her recent remarks on presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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