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Vegetables Are the New Bacon at Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen, the owner of New York’s Dirt Candy, talks about her favorite Jewish food memories and how vegetables may just be the new bacon.

Dining Al Fresco: So far, there have been six conflict kitchens, focusing on such regions as Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Venezuala, and now the Palestinian territories (above).

Conflict Kitchen Stirs the Pot in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s Conflict Kitchen serves the rarely tasted cuisines of nations in conflict zones. Things escalated when it focused on Palestinian food.

Why I Hate the Christmas Version of ‘Hallelujah’

A Christian band has released a Christmas version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ Sigal Samuel hates it —  but not for the reasons you might think.

Israel to Almost Completely Stop Gas Mask Production

Israel will halt almost all of its gas mask production due to a decline in the threat of a gas or chemical attack.

Israeli Soldier Wounded in Gaza Border Firefight

Israeli forces shot dead a member of Hamas’s armed wing after a firefight erupted along the border with the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and an Israeli soldier was wounded, Gaza hospital officials and the Israeli army said.

Majdi Al Rimawi, right, was convicted of plotting to assassinate an Israeli minister.

French Town Ordered To Yank 'Terrorist' Plaque

A Paris suburb must remove a plaque honoring a convicted Palestinian terrorist, a French judge ruled.