Bibi the 'Mansplainer'

Was Benjamin Netanyahu at his condescending worst during his speech? Some women heard a ‘mansplainer’ when he talked down to Americans — and put down other cultures.

Sound and Fury: Isaac Herzog, the leader of the opposition Zionist Union, says Benjamin Netanyahu achieved nothing with his dramatic speech to Congress.

Israel Opposition Gives Benjamin Netanyahu Low Marks for Speech

Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief political rival in the upcoming Israeli elections said the prime minister’s speech before the U.S. Congress will have no effect on the Iran nuclear deal being negotiated.

John Kerry Resumes Nuclear Talks With Iran After Benjamin Netanyahu Speech

The U.S. and Iranian foreign ministers began a third day of talks over Iran’s nuclear program on Wednesday, just hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned that the deal being negotiated was a serious mistake.

Republicans Push Iran Bill Despite Veto Threat

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday the Senate would begin debate next week on a bill that would require President Barack Obama to submit any final nuclear deal with Iran for approval by Congress.

Israelis watch Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at a cafe in Tel Aviv.

Israelis Give Mixed Verdict to Benjamin Netanyahu Speech

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have made an argument that many Israelis support in warning Congress on Tuesday about a potential nuclear deal with Iran, but critics asked whether it was worth the widening rift with the White House.