Defiant Jean-Marie Le Pen Vows To Stay in Politics

National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen vowed in a Reuters interview to stay in politics until he dies, reiterating comments that show he is not backing away from a family feud that is complicating the far-right’s quest for power in France.

The Weekly Dish

Everything you need to know about restaurant openings and closings, chefs on the move and tasty events happening in the world of Jewish food.

Pulpit Plus One: 'I Built My Own Castle'

‘Pulpit Plus One’ interviews Tamar, the wife of a Conservative rabbi, on celebrity status, congregant affairs and the benefits of withdrawing from synagogue life.

Trevor Noah, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld Take in the Mets

Trevor Noah countered recent accusations that he’s an anti-Semite by taking in a Mets game with Jewish comedy royalty: Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

The Forgotten Face of History: Gunter Grass, author of ‘The Tin Drum,’ has died at the age of 87.

Let's Get Honest About Gunter Grass

Gunter Grass, who has died at 87, is praised for shining light of truth on the Nazi era. But given his trail of lies, Liam Hoare warns against turning the Nobel Laureate into a saint.