Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Dip

To express the Torah portion Vayera through food, the writer made roasted pepper dips with the same ingredients in different colors to represent Isaac and Ishmael.

Golden Beet and Mushroom Salad

The writer used beets and shallots, which grow deep in the earth, to create a recipe that reflected themes of life and death.

Lady Gaga's Israeli Shoe Guy

Kobi Levi’s creations are less shoes than they are wearable works of warped and dreamy art. From pink flamingos to sex dolls, his footwear is favored by none other than Lady Gaga.

The Many Selves of Yoel Hoffman

Yoel Hoffmann’s poetic novel ‘Moods’ resists easy description. But of the Romanian-Israeli author’s nine books, this one is the most Hoffmann-esque yet.

Our Forgotten Guitar Hero, Michael Bloomfield

Michael Bloomfield got his first guitar from his grandfather’s pawnshop and wound up jamming alongside Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. Now, Bloomfield is considered one of the best blues artists of all time.

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