Who’s Afraid of the Video Artist? Lisa Tan’s video series, ‘Waves,’  which was influenced by Virginia Woolf’s seminal novel, ‘The Waves,’ explores the consciousness of a writer.

A Diaspora at the New Museum

Ever wondered what it meant to live in a post-Internet age? The latest installment of the New Museum’s triennial tackles this question.


Stop 'Praying for Baltimore' on Social Media

Posting your “praying for Baltimore” on Facebook and other social media sites helps no one, writes Chanel Dubofsky. Now is a time for activism outside your comfort zone.


We Put Jewish Celebrities Through #HowOldRobot

Have you heard about #HowOldRobot? We tested the age-estimation app on some of our favorite famous Jews — and found they have some work to do.

Miss America Kira Kazantsev

Baseball's Jewiest Moment of All

With catcher Joe Ginsberg behind the plate, Lou Limmer stepped into the batter’s box to face Saul Rogovin. Murray Greenberg looks back at the most Jewish moment in baseball history — 64 years ago.