Where We’re Going This Summer

Where is the Forward spending its summer vacation? We asked staff members to write about their plans — from Utah to a picturesque island off the coast of Brooklyn.

Is Amaranth the New Quinoa — and Is It Kosher?

An ancient plant whose seed is similar to quinoa, amaranth is gluten free, rich in vitamin C and a complete vegan protein. So what will it take to make it kosher for Passover?

Amaranth Alegría Candies

A quinoa-like grain makes great candy. But is it kosher for Passover?

Wale’s Seinfeld-Inspired LP Debuts at No. 1

Mazel tov to Wale and co-conspirator comedian Jerry Seinfeld! The rapper’s newest record, ‘The Album About Nothing,’ debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart this week.