70-Year-Old Letters Describe the Horrors of Buchenwald

70-year-old letters from G.I. Hyman Schulman to his wife Sandy describe firsthand the horrors he found upon entering the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945.

Joshua Cohen Is Watching You

Joshua Cohen’s novel, ‘Book of Numbers’ — an exposé of the technological consequences of surveillance — features two characters names Joshua Cohen. At least one of them joins the Forward for a mind-bending interview.

Endangered Yiddish Sign Is Saved

Jewish residents successfully rallied to save the last vestige of Yiddish in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighborhood.


'Moses Man' — A Holocaust Musical of Teens on The Run

“Moses Man,” a musical about a family’s 9-year-long World War II survival odyssey that took them on a sanctuary search from Vienna, to Cyprus, Palestine and Africa before finally landing in America, has enough “now you’re safe, now you’re not!” twists and turns to justify being dubbed a Holocaust musical thriller.

Mel Gibson Signs On For World War II Movie — With No Jews

Mel Gibson has signed on for a World War II movie — with no Jews. The film takes place in Chongquing, China, and recounts the Japanese bombing of the city from 1938 to 1943.

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