8 Things You’ll Need To Know If You’re a Jew Living in Exile

Growing up in Kansas and living in Louisiana, Sophia-Marie Unterman has become an expert on living as a Jew in exile. Here are her eight tips for survival in what many Jews think of as flyover country.


Kickstarter Helped This Rabbi Return to Her Roots

For 19 years, Deborah Bodin Cohen has been a congregational rabbi. Now, in the tradition of her ancestors, she is following her dream by becoming a hawker and peddler and starting a bookstore on wheels.

Why ‘Night’ Will Be Remembered as Elie Wiesel’s Greatest Work

His role as explainer of the Holocaust to non-Jews can be explained by his historical context.

Elie Wiesel’s Wrenching Lost Version of ‘Night’ Was Scathing Indictment of God and Fellow Jews

The 150-page work that historian Dr. Joel Rappel pulls off the shelves of his vast library is a difficult document to read. It’s not the handwriting that makes the task hard – it’s actually quite legible. The content – a searing indictment against God and anyone who believed in him during the Holocaust – is what causes the reader to shudder.


Excerpts From Elie Wiesel’s Greatest Literary Works

For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witness for the dead and for the living.

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