Remembering Geoffrey Hartman — Wordsworthian, Critic and Holocaust Scholar

Geoffrey Hartman — who survived World War II via the Kindertransport and went on to be a famed scholar and critic at Yale — has died at the age of 85. Talya Zax remembers his legacy.

Nacho Hamantaschen? Why Not!

If there was ever a time to play with your food, it’s Purim. Here, hamantaschen is taken in an entirely modern — and savory — direction.

Amy Schumer Gives a $1,000 Tip to Hamilton Bartenders

Amy Schumer remembers what it’s like to be a struggling actress trying to make ends meet.

The Story of Purim Told in Pop Culture GIFs

If you a refresher on the story of Purim and only have, say, 30 seconds, we’ve got you covered.

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