#TBT From Bubbe’s Kitchen: Cold Borscht

There are as many versions of cold borscht as there are countries in the Olympics. Even the name and spelling changes depending on the country it’s from.

Forward Looking Back

1916 100 Years Ago

Yes, She’s Art Spiegelman’s Daughter. Her Memoir Is Stunning.

Though she’s long been a character in the work of her father Art Spiegelman (“Maus”), Nadja Spiegelman’s making her debut with a dazzling memoir, “I’m Supposed To Protect You From All This.”

Irving Fields Composer, Pianist and Friend Dies at 101

Irving Fields—composer, pianist and lover of life— died on August 20th at age 101. He thought he would live and be at the keyboard forever, as did his friends and fans. His performance portfolio ranged from concerts at Carnegie Hall to gigs at The Plaza, Miami Beach, the Catskills [Fallsview] and—amazingly—at the marble and gilt abode of Ivana and Donald Trump.

France’s Rules? Topless OK — Burkini No Way

Over the past week, enough ink has been spilled about swimwear in France to make you think it’s fashion week. For a country fixated on the female body, this is not particularly surprising. France has a long history of commodifying, objectifying, and editorializing women’s bodies, almost always for the sake of fashion and (usually impossible) standards of female beauty.

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