Aspen Chabad Announces 'Special' Pot Classes, Then Quickly Cancels Them

The Chabad of Aspen, Colorado, announced that it would host ‘special’ summer art classes featuring cannabis, smoked and edible. But it turns out the plan was only half-baked.


The Hard Earned Lessons of Going 'Dutch' on a Date

Growing up, Talia Carner’s mother forced her to split expenses with all her dates. It may have been difficult at the time but Carner now realizes it helped her be viewed (and view herself) as an equal in the relationship.


Netanyahu's Right-Wing Government is Sexist, Too

Not only has Israel’s new government failed to increase representation for women - which is paltry by Western standards - there are even fewer women than before.


Kitchn Synch — or Everything But?

A brand new kosher-meal-kit delivery service offers the promise of easy and elegant cooking. But Liza Schoenfein says it still has some work to do.

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