Eizenshtein Is the New Baker On the Block

Israeli-born baker Johnny Eizenshtein moved to the States two years ago and has now opened a shop near Yeshiva University.

Purim and Encounters With Bigotry — Including Our Own

Ex-hasid Shulem Deen is a known critic of the community he left, but Purim compels him to ask why so many Jews seem to regard the ultra-Orthodox with intolerance and even hatred.


The Strange and Violent History of the Ordinary Grogger

Turns out that the grogger — that ubiquitous Purim noisemaker — has a fascinating and surprisingly violent history. Scholar David Zvi Kalman explains.


Video: In Hamburg, Muslim Girls Sing a Yiddish Song

A version of this article first appeared in Yiddish in the Forverts.

Kotel Chaos Explained: Who Threw Whom Under the Bus, and Why

Once upon a time, a group of women came together to fight for their right to pray at the Western Wall. Today, that group has fractured, and its factions fortunes have diverged. How did we get here?

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