What We Write About When We Write About Barbra Streisand

Has there ever been a Jewier Jew than Barbra Streisand in American pop culture? To Neal Gabler, who has written a new biography of Babs, Streisand’s greatest accomplishment was transforming her Jewishness into a metaphor.


Prince’s Jewish Bandmates Announce Plans For Reunion Tour

Prince’s former Jewish bandmates from The Revolution have announced plans for a reunion to honor the late rock musician.

This Is the Perfect Antidote for Your Case of Mimouna Sephardi-Envy

An Moroccan bar in Israel has found the cure for Sephardi-envy around mimouna season.

It Comes Down to This: A Feminist vs. a Misogynist

My support for Hillary Clinton heated up when I realized she is positioned to avenge womankind on Donald Trump — by destroying him in debate.


WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Edward Snowden in New Oliver Stone Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s next role has him filling big shoes as Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who leaked classified information about the U.S. government’s surveillance programs in 2013.

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