Scarlett Johansson Just Became The Highest Grossing Actress of All Time

Scarlett Johansson has just been dubbed the highest grossing female film actress of all time.


How Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video Perpetuates Rape Culture

Anyone who spoke out against Judge Aaron Persky’s light sentencing of Brock Turner needs to speak out about Kanye West’s latest video. It’s part of the same culture that lets men say or do what they want to women and then get off easy.


Cue the ‘Zohan’ Jokes, Melania Trump’s Hairstylist is Israeli!

We don’t want to get you too excited, but we have a real life ‘Zohan’ situation on our hands!

‘The Fundamentals of Caring’ Director on Working with Paul Rudd and Turning Drama into Comedy

We chatted with “The Fundamentals of Caring” writer/director Rob Burnett on turning drama into comedy, directing Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez’s surprise audition.

Defying Gravity WIth Marc and Bella Chagall

We all know what Marc Chagall’s art looks like. But a new play in London, “The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk,” explores the private life of the painter and his wife Bella beyond the canvas.

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