A Challah Connection to Broadway

Challah Connection has partnered up with Broadway’s “Fiddler on the Roof” to deliver weekly shipments of challah for the crew to use as props in the production.

How to Make Breads Bakery Hamantaschen at Home

The popular New York bakery just shared its coveted recipe with us, and we, in turn, are passing it along to you.

Esther and the Khazars vs. the Nazis: a Purim Story

Why Esther? As a girl, I identified with her because we shared the difficulty of being Jewish in a non-Jewish world.


Listen to a Forgotten and Revealing Interview With Golda Meir

“Some people remember Golda Meir’s leadership and wonder what is taking us so long in America?” Hillary Rodham Clinton recently said. With that in mind, we look back at a forgotten Forward interview with Prime Minister Meir that took was broadcast on WEVD in 1971.


We Dare You to Look Away From This Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump GIF

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Internet genius that created this GIF of Bernie Sanders scaring the bejesus out of Donald Trump at a rally.

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