‘Christ Among the Doctors’ by Albrecht Durer, 1506.

Why Medieval Art Is So Unflattering To Jews

Crooks, murderers, Christ-killers — medieval art didn’t portray Jews well. A new book suggests early Christian thinking offers clues about the roots of the hateful stereotypes.

It’s Baby Goat (Cheese) Season

After caring for goats for the last year, Meredith Cohen decided she didn’t want to drink milk or eat cheese from animals that weren’t living full, happy lives.

Sen. Chris Coons

Jockeying Starts in Congress on Iran Deal Consent Bill

A Democratic U.S. senator on Wednesday offered an amendment to a an Iran nuclear bill that would remove the measure’s tie to Iranian-sponsored terrorism, a change that could attract more support for the legislation from his party.

Barry Manilow Ties the Knot With Manager

‘Copacabana’ crooner Barry Manilow has reportedly married his longtime manager Gary Kief in a private ceremony. The catch? The pair managed to keep it a secret for an entire year.

Synagogue's Giant Solution for Hametz Problem

One synagogue wanted to put some zip in an ancient Passover tradition. Soon the guy who hikes the football for the New York Giants was buying up all its unleavened bread.